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16 March 2006

What $300,000 Will Buy You In... Rockville, MD

JLP over at AllThingsFinancial commented on the price of homes in Houston, TX--specifically, how much house $300,000 will buy you.

Then Jim at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity detailed what $300,000 gets you in Howard County, MD--just one county over from me! Not surprising, you'll get more for your money in Houston.

So what does $300,000 get you in Rockville, MD, a northern suburb of our nation's capital? Obviously it's the best deal out of all of them: you get a magic invisible house!

Invisible House!!!

Indeed, $300k will get you an empty plot of land in Rockville, MD. And as you move closer to Washington, DC, $300k won't even get you a mailbox.


  • At 11:36, Blogger Single Ma said…

    Ha! This one is funny! I'm in MD too so I can vouche for this one. You'll get NADA for $300,000 around here.

  • At 21:56, Blogger mapgirl said…

    Yep. That's about right for NoVA too. However, you can get yourself a nice overpriced 1 bdrm condo in Clarendon, only to watch its price plummet next year.


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