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07 February 2006

Inside My Wallet: Please Please Please Be A Million Dollars ... Dang

It's been a popular topic as of late, so I figure it might be amusing to explore the contents of my own wallet. Or, if not amusing, then at least incredibly boring.

In the billfold

  • $16 in cash. Two fives, six ones.

  • Receipts. Both for credit card purchases. One is for gasoline (thought I had lost this one). The other is for dinner last Saturday--Cheeburger Cheeburger; I ate the 20 oz. burger and got my picture up on the wall. I still feel it in my stomach.

In the card slots

  • Credit cards. I just keep my Citi Shell MasterCard and Bank of America Visa on me.

  • Club cards. Safeway and Giant at the front since they get used the most. Sam's Club and Super Fresh are in there, too. I'll probably ditch them both since there is no Super Fresh around where we moved and I don't intend to renew the Sam's Club membership.

  • Gift cards. I think all of them only have a few bucks left on them. Two for Target, one for Outback Steakhouse, and one for Bed Bath & Beyond. There's also a Dave & Buster's game card with a few bucks left on it.

  • Metro farecards. Two of them. Each has 30 cents left on it. They're from our recent day trip to Washington, D.C. They'll get used soon enough, I'm sure.

  • Movie theater cards. One for United Artists, the other for AMC. You're supposed to get free popcorns and drinks if you use them a bunch of times. I don't think we've ever gotten anything like that, but we rarely go to movie theaters anyway.

  • Insurance cards. Optimum Choice for medical, EyeMed for vision, and Delta Dental for toothy goodness. Had two cards for GEICO; one was expired so I just threw it away.

In the picture holders

  • Driver's license and change of address card. I look really angry in my license picture. Oh, maybe it was the three-hour wait!

  • Pictures of Tegan. Five of them, though I just noticed none of them are from the last few years. I've got the first one I ever took of her, another in her cute little blue swimsuit that's my favorite, two of her in dresses at various dances (one from before I even knew her) and the last of her wearing a blue wig. No wedding picture!!! I need to correct that!

I should note that I did clean out my wallet a few months ago. It was much worse back then--lots of little scraps of paper with outdated information, expired cards of all sorts, and even a picture of an ex-girlfriend (oops!).

It's probably also worth mentioning that I'm one of the few people I know who carries his wallet in his front pocket instead of the back. It's easier to secure that way (now pickpocketers just grope my butt) and I don't have to sit on it all day.

Maybe I'll take an inventory of Tegan's wallet. I just can't let her find out about it until I'm done!



  • At 20:36, Blogger bored said…

    hi nick

    sorry that this comment isn't about your wallet post , although i carry my wallet in front pocket too, not for the pick pocket groping as you suggest, but so my spine doesnt grow sideways

    anyway, you left a comment about my signing up with HSBC experience, and you said yer a couple of days ahead of me...i finally got my password, but do not see that tastey $25 bonus in my account...did you experience the same thing? is this a delayed deposit?

    anyway, thanks for your insight...ill check back here for your reply, or send me a mail

    many thanks!

  • At 10:09, Blogger Nick said…

    Nope, my $25 is not yet in the account either. And while I'm anxious to start transferring my Emigrant Direct monies to HSBC, I now have to wait for them to send two more letters: the ATM card, and the ATM card PIN. Come on, HSBC! Why are you making it so hard for me to give you money???

  • At 12:07, Blogger Caitlin said…

    HSBC will credit the $25 at the end of the first month (~30 days after account opening). For my account, they seem to use the day of the month I joined as my statement date each month. So this is when they credit interest etc. It's a few days before the actual end of each month, it's sort of annoying.

    nick, I'm a front pocket wallet carrier myself. You'll probably never need a chiropractor that way ;)

  • At 16:25, Anonymous moneysmartz editor said…

    You must have a little more in your wallet as you made the top ten in the Personal Financial Bloggers' Net Worth Index! 6.4% increase!


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