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14 February 2006

$1 Domain Name Registration

Via Digg, here's a great deal for anyone who's been holding out on registering a domain name. At 4pm EST today (about five minutes from when I'm writing this), will have a "happy hour" during which domain name registration will be on sale for just $1.

It might only be a few bucks saved off the usual Yahoo! and GoDaddy prices, but this is an especially useful deal if you're looking to pick up a whole bunch of domains at one time! How many domains can you register in just an hour?

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  • At 21:44, Anonymous MoneyDummy said…

    Nice! *Chuckle* All the horrible business ideas I've ever had are swimming to the surface, demanding to get their own domain names registered tomorrow "just in case."

  • At 09:28, Blogger Nick said…

    Don't worry, Money Dummy; you didn't miss anything with this deal. While they were indeed selling $1 domains, I'll make a follow-up post later to explain why the deal was a dud in the end.


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